26 November 2009

Nothing New Under the Sun....

Several hundred years ago, a wise man wrote:

"If the feeble mind of man did not presume to resist the clear evidence of truth, but yielded its infirmity to wholesome doctrines, as to a health-giving medicine, until it obtained from God, by its faith and piety, the grace needed to heal it, they who have just ideas, and express them in suitable language, would need to use no long discourse to refute the errors of empty conjecture. But this mental infirmity is now more prevalent and hurtful than ever, to such an extent that even after the truth has been as fully demonstrated as man can prove it to man, they hold for the very truth their own unreasonable fancies, either on account of their great blindness, which prevents them from seeing what is plainly set before them, or on account of their opinionative obstinacy, which prevents them from acknowledging the force of what they do see. There therefore frequently arises a necessity of speaking more fully on those points which are already clear, that we may, as it were, present them not to the eye, but even to the touch, so that they may be felt even by those who close their eyes against them."

Augustine of Hippo, City of God, Book II, Chapter 1

07 November 2009

Words Have Meaning

Words mean things. All words. To the author, and the audience, whether the later is the intended one or not. Just because we are surrounded by words, many of them banal, many of them profane, does not give us excuse for thinking any of them are without meaning. All of them are a window into the author's heart and mind.

To claim that words may be without meaning, or that we cannot know their meaning is not only illogical, but I would submit, is also heresy, and quite possibly even blasphemy.

We should pay attention to our words, the words of others, and the Word of God.