25 August 2010

Some Thoughts on Prayer

As I was laying in bed last night I was thinking about prayer. I was ruminating on what I have known for a while now, at least in my experience. That is that prayer is much more about me being reminded of God than of me bringing request to Him.

Yes, I ask for things in prayer all the time. But I find that more and more the things I ask for are things He promises or at least offers to us in the scriptures. In this manner, I think I am more being reminded that God will give me this day my daily bread.

Prayer is approaching God's throne. Just that "walk" helps recalibrate and refresh my spirit. I thought last night that in a sense, bringing request to God is like holding the thing desired up in front of myself in God's presence. It either casts a shadow on me, or His glory shines through it. If His glory shines through it, then I should hold onto it. If it casts a shadow, it should be set aside.

For these insights and the gift of prayer, I thank You, O Lord.

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